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Murfreesboro Cash Management

We have a VISION for Rutherford County businesses. Make managing money simple.  First Vision Bank is convinced that day-to-day banking can be done easier and more efficiently at your place of business instead of ours.  So whether it’s discussing plans for expansion or simply picking up a deposit … your office is our office!

Not only will we come to you anytime, we’ll provide NO COST online banking  and  remote deposit service and hardware. As a matter of fact, we have a host of business e-services to help keep the cash flow aspect of your business running smoothly! First Vision offers the latest technologies to improve money management and systemize workflow; and put a little extra profit back into your business.  Let us introduce you to the latest e-banking tools that make sense for your company!

Online Banking and Bill Pay

Business owners are always on the move. So no matter where you are – at the office, at home, or on the road – you’ll be able to securely review your balances for all your First Vision accounts,  transfer funds, research transactions or make a last minute payment.  Our online banking benefits also give business owners the ability to:

  • Manage all  FVB business accounts with a single login
  • Set levels of access for bookkeepers, accountant, etc.
  • Export or import with Quickbooks
  • Reduce expenses for checks, postage, mileage and extra personnel
  • Receive/review statements online

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

How many bills do you pay throughout the month?  First Vision’s no-cost ACH services let you streamline payments, reduce check printing and mailing costs, and maintain greater control of your cash flow.  ACH allows you to automate outgoing single and recurring payments  ... or receive incoming payments from customers electronically. Simply set up your ACH transactions from your First Vision Online Banking service … or upload your ACH payroll file from Quickbooks.   We process the items, debit the appropriate account and electronically credit the payee’s account. Use ACH for:

  • Payroll Direct Deposits
  • Business-to-business transactions
  • Collection of regularly scheduled dues and payments

Payroll Services

Eliminate payday hassles by direct depositing employee pay into your employees’ bank account.  This service not only streamlines payroll processing and reconciliation, it eliminates your employees race-to-the-bank in order to deposit or cash paychecks.

State and Federal Tax Payments

What if you could handle tax payments online and even reduce the possibility of late fees by scheduling payments in advance of deadlines? First Vision can help!  We’ll show you how to set up and send your monthly, quarterly or annual tax payment directly from your First Vision online banking.

Wire Transfers

This is the most immediate, reliable and secure means of transferring funds … especially high- dollar, time-sensitive transactions.  First Vision can assist you in selecting the most appropriate wire disbursement, collection and/or reporting option for your business. We even offer you the ability to initiate your own domestic wire transfers with built in security and multi-tiered entering and approval capabilities.  


Even though First Vision will gladly pick up your business deposits, you may find it easier and more efficient to use our SmartDeposit service.  SmartDeposit allows you to instantly send deposits from your business to the bank SECURELY for same-day processing. This flexibility allows you to deposit a single large payment as soon as it is received … or batch and deposit numerous smaller checks at your convenience.  Images of all SmartDeposit checks are made available online for viewing and record keeping.

To take advantage of SmartDeposit, all you need is a First Vision Bank business checking account, your computer, Internet access and the First Vision check scanner that we provide, install and train you how to use it … at no cost!  Give us a call. Find out how SmartDeposit from First Vision can

  • Save you time and money
  • Increase security by reducing the chance of lost or stolen payment checks
  • Provide quicker access to funds
  • Allow you to customize reports

Deposits made before 4:00 p.m. are processed the same day and are typically available the next business day.

Courier Services

When First Vision Bank opened offices in Murfreesboro, our goal was to invest more money in customer services rather than bricks and mortar. That’s why we can provide no-cost couriers to our business customers as one of the many ways we bring banking to YOU.  Why endure the inconvenience of lost time and man hours, business interruption and even weather that is too hot, too cold or too wet. First Vision will gladly pick-up or drop-off all of your transactions. We can schedule regular pickups / deliveries , but we’re just as flexible for those not-so-predictable transactions.

Merchant Services

Chances are, your business needs to accept a wide variety of cards for payment.  Ask First Vision to help you choose safe, reliable and cost-effective transaction processing methods for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.  

Your PERSONAL Banking Services TOO!

That’s right.  We want to provide your personal deposit and loan services also. If you are a First Vision business customer, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of our better-than-convenient “front door” service?

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