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Personal Savings

At First Vision Bank, we can help make your money work for you with accounts designed to help your savings grow. After all, it's never too soon to start planning for retirement or other financial goals.

First Savings

Everyone can benefit from this simple savings account that helps you earn interest without having to maintain a high balance.

  • 6 withdrawals per quarter ($3 per withdrawal over 6)*
  • Free Online Banking
  • Quarterly statements
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • $100 minimum balance to earn interest

Minimum deposit to open $50
Quarterly service fee $5
Quarterly fee is waived by any of the following: 

  • $50 minimum daily balance
  • Age 19 or younger (minimum to open $5)

*Account is allowed six transactions per quarter before being charged $3.00 per item over six

Christmas Savings

Enjoy peace of mind throughout the year while you save in advance for holiday expenses.

  • Account may be opened at any time
  • Interest paid and check is issued in November
  • Daily balance equal to or greater than $5.00 to earn interest
  • Interest earnings are forfeited if account is closed early
  • $5 fee per withdrawal over one per year

Minimum deposit to open $5

Money Market

This account allows you to earn an attractive rate of return with limited access to your money. You'll enjoy a higher interest rate by maintaining a higher balance.

  • 6 withdrawals per month ($15 per withdrawal over 6)*
  • First order of basic checks free
  • Free Online Banking
  • Monthly statements
  • Interest paid monthly

Interest tiers:

  • $0 $9,999
  • $10,000 $49,999
  • $50,000 $249,999
  • $250,000 - More

Minimum deposit to open $50
Monthly service fee $12
Monthly fee is waived by any of the following:

  • $2,500 minimum daily balance
  • $3,500 average balance for the month

*Account is allowed six transactions per month before being charged $15.00 per item over the six

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

This popular savings option provides you with guaranteed, higher-than-average interest rates. Plus you have the flexibility of a variety of maturities. 

  • Minimum deposit to open $1,000
  • Automatically renewable
  • Interest may be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at maturity (at least once a year)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

Let us help you begin planning for retirement or education costs with an IRA, Roth IRA or SEP. Traditional IRAs give you the benefits of tax-deferred savings and a possible tax deduction.* We offer IRA terms with a variety of maturities.

  • Minimum deposit to open $100
  • Automatic interest distributions by check or direct deposit
  • Interest may be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at maturity (at least once a year)

*Consult a Tax Advisor

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